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As Anvongraff, we have been operating in the construction industry since 2020. We participate in projects related to residential and non-residential buildings, metro construction, single-family homes, halls, offices, and blocks.

We operate throughout Poland and the European Union. We value reliability, openness to new ideas, and challenges.

Our team is cohesive, competent, concrete, and, above all, we maintain a professional and mutually respectful atmosphere.


If you want to work in a cohesive and integrated team – join us, we care about each employee, and every problem is effectively solved!

If you come from abroad – we offer support in obtaining documents and help in obtaining a residence card. We pay fairly, based on a contract and on time.

Our doors are always open for you, we create opportunities for advancement and good earnings, both for professionals and less experienced people. Don’t hesitate, call us and arrange a meeting.

With us, you can communicate in the following languages:


Job opening:

Reinforcement Steel Worker

As a Reinforcement Steel Worker, your responsibilities will include preparing reinforcement steel for installation and performing the following tasks:

  • Transport-related work
  • Material and reinforcement product storage and stacking

If you are honest, diligent, and eager to take on new challenges, please contact us!


Your task will be to manage workers at the construction site. We are looking for direct, communicative, and committed workers who are invested in the success of the project.

As a foreman, we expect you to ensure that the project’s goals are met as accurately as possible.

Having many years of experience and a work record is a significant advantage. If you possess all of these qualities, do not wait, apply now. Give yourself a chance.

Formwork Carpenter

As a formwork carpenter, your task will be to shape the formwork in building structures that will be filled with fresh concrete. After the concrete dries, or sometimes other materials, the desired shape is created.

We are looking for formwork carpenters for both small and large construction projects.

Reinforcement worker - concrete worker

As a reinforcement worker-concrete worker, you will be responsible for making concrete or reinforced concrete elements for load-bearing structures or elements filling the building.

Potential projects where such elements are necessary include: reinforced concrete elements of roads, bridges, drainage structures, and others.

We mainly work with two types of materials: concrete and steel.

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